Port-La Nouvelle, France

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Strategically located on Corridor 6 (Spain and Portugal) and 2 (North and Eastern Europe), Port-La Nouvelle offers superb road and rail connections to France, the Iberic peninsula and the rest of Europe. It is mostly used for raw and semi-finished materials that include petroleum products, liquid bulk, general cargo, heavy lifts as well as dry, break and liquid bulk.

Dedicated terminals ensure smooth and efficient services for petroleum, liquified gas (2), liquid bulk, cement, grain and dry bulk. Operational in 2024, a further 200m-long Eolic terminal with a 11m draft is dedicated for the assembly of floating wind turbines and can also be used for other traffic.

A new logistic area of 80 hectares will welcome new clients from 2024. This will be followed in 2025 by a new liquid terminal (draft: 14.5 m) and a new bulk and break bulk terminal (450 m with a 14.5 m draft) that will increase capacity and the ability to reach major industrial zones for producers and shippers.

Euroports-CLTM is operating in the current port and expect a great development in the years to come.

Technical Information

Total concession area (m²) 104,500
Covered warehouses (m²) 3,500
Quay length (m) 200, currently expanding to 1,000
Maximum draft 11 m
Eolic terminal (m²) 70,000, expanding in 2026
Bulk and break bulk Terminal Operational in Q1 2026
Liquid terminal Operational in Q4 2025


405 Av. Adolphe Turrel
11210 Port-la-Nouvelle

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