Forest Products terminal Tarragona, Spain

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Technical Information

Storage capacity 6 hectare deep-water quay-side terminal
Quay length 772 meter quay
Draught 14-16 m
Other equipment 1 Mobile Liebherr Crane, 1 Rotative, 14 Forklifts, 2 Spacesaver & 1 Reach Stacker
Covered warehouses 32,000 m²3 warehouses (90m x 90m sheds) and 1 warehouse (90m x 60m, 10 m high)
Instant capacity 30,000 tns each /90,000 tns total
Room for expansion Option to build an additional warehouse (same size and capacity)
Open area (m²) 12,000 m² for logistic activities
Products handled
  • Forest Products (paper reels, pulp, wood chips/pellets)
  • General Cargo, steel coils (HRC/CRC), steel beams, steel rebars, steel pipes, wind mills, project cargo (waste…)
  • Others (livestock, non-hazardous secondary waste)










Muelle de Castilla S/N Apdo correos 839 43004 Tarragona Spain

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