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In Finland, we run operations in eight different locations: Rauma, Hanko, Pietarsaari, Hamina, Kristiinankaupunki, Kaskinen, Oulu and Kemi. Our versatile portfolio of stevedoring services is based on strong experience and expertise.


Euroports Germany is the largest port handling company in Rostock´s overseas port. Well-trained employees, efficient handling facilities and modern quay facilities enable the handling of almost all types of goods.


In France, we operate in two different locations, Port-La Nouvelle and Le Havre. Port-La Nouvelle has a heavy-duty terminal dedicated to green energy and a bulk terminal. In Le Havre, we specialise in bulk sugar.


We operate in several locations in Belgium, including Antwerp, Ghent, and the south of the country with our Inland Terminals. Our services cover a wide range of port operations and various commodities.


In China, we operate out of Changshu, Jiangsu Province and Gaolan, Guangdong Province. Changshu Terminal has served as the main hub for forest products along the Yangtze River for over 25 years.


In Bulgaria, Euroports and Granex Bulgaria have a partnership that operates under the name SALS AD. We offer logistic services, quarry operations, warehousing, transportation and packing for fertilizer customers.


Our Bulk terminal in Venice, has a leading role on the agribulk sector. Due to its size and the importance of its activities, Terminal Rinfuse Italia S.R.L. plays an important part in the solid bulk traffic market.


In Spain, we operate in two different locations Tarragona and Seville. We provide a wide range of services such as forwarding, shipping agency, chartering, customs agency, bonded warehouses, automated truck weight scales.


Euroports Turkey operates from the Port of Izmit, with specialized services in Forest products, but also with capability to handle different breakbulk cargoes, such as steel, big hags, palletized, and automotive products.