Case Study OCI Nitrogen

Customer information

Customer Challenge

  • Manufacturing problems resulted in one mixed product instead of usual three different product grades.
  • There was a need for continuity in delivering these three different product grades.

Key benefits for the customer

Value-added services played a critical role in being able to get three different product grades to market. The negative impact of delivering ungraded products to the market was mitigated, thereby maximizing the benefits to OCI in terms of service, quality and price.

Old Solution

New Solution


“OCI Nitrogen is one of the largest producers of fertilisers in Western Europe, and we distinguish ourselves by delivery high-quality products and logistics. Euroports is one of our key partners in the logistics chain. They have supported us in recent years as we raised the bar in terms of quality, flexibility and competitiveness. Their strength is based on their deep knowledge and the capabilities of their management and staff. They also understand their customers’ needs and they have a vision for both the short and long term.”

Gert-Jan de Geus, Chief Executive Officer, OCI Nitrogen