We have a globally integrated QHSE leadership structure that is focused on identifying hazards and on finding ways of eliminating or mitigating them appropriately. This ongoing effort is managed by a dedicated team of QHSE professionals at the global, country and terminal levels.

Using a robust QHSE management system, we track a number of key performance indicators. In addition, we measure our performance in certain areas via benchmarking with industry peers–and we are continually focused on improving our performance in an effort to make our zero-harm policy as effective as possible.

“The evolution in our approach to quality, safety, health, and environment has been a journey of learnings, targeted interventions, and continuous improvement.  When I look back on where we have been and ahead to where we want to go, I am confident we have put a structure in place that fosters responsibility for self, for others, and for the communities in which we operate. QHSE within Euroports is not a requirement but rather an embedded value which we hold in the highest regard.”

– Gabriel Kierkels, Global QHSE Director Euroports


Euroports meets multiple, internationally recognised standards, and has earned the corresponding certifications. The relentless focus on quality is the heart of what we do. Our people take a collaborative approach to setting targets, monitoring performance, and determining how to best operate. We are constantly looking for ways to optimise our processes to ensure maximum care when it comes to cargo handling.

Our quality programmes are considered to be among the best in the industry.

“Safety and quality are business-critical points we are constantly monitoring.  As regards quality, we have implemented systems and process efficiencies that ensure we take the greatest care of our customers’ shipments.

Our people are well trained, our equipment is well maintained, and our processes and procedures are in place forming a robust framework that helps to ensure the highest quality. We will continue to improve our efforts by further applying PDCA principals going forward.

At Euroports Quality Systems go beyond the paper documents that are analyzed by the auditors. Our Quality procedures have their origin in our operational and administrative teams and we live up to our procedures every single day.”

– Erik Klönhammer, Group Chief Operating Officer


A happy and healthy work environment is a core value here at Euroports. To ensure this, we have many programmes in place to engage our employees, build positive relationships, reduce health risks and maximise performance.

“We are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment. That’s why health management is part of the Euroports Code of Conduct.

Our goals are both fewer illnesses and a lower accident rate. We promote health care as a key element of our sustained productivity and the quality of our services”

– Lucrece Reybroeck, Chief Human Resources Officer


Safety is OUR Responsibility.  This is more than just a slogan.  It is a commitment from every employee to the role they have in ensuring our operations are carried out daily without incident.  Our goal is to have every worker make it home daily, without having suffered any harm. For everyone here at Euroports, safety is an embedded value. Euroports is dedicated to implementing systems and controls that mitigate risk. All workers have the right to stop operations that they deem unsafe so that concerns can be adequately addressed without the risk of harm.

“Safety is the top item on our agenda. We feel strongly about the imperative to work safely and ensure that as few incidents as possible take place in our operations. We have a dedicated team of very professional individuals leading this effort which, everyone is a part of.

– Gabriel Kierkels, Global QHSE Director


Euroports is an industry leader when it comes to ensuring environmental compliance and efforts aimed at minimising the impact of our operations. Multiple initiatives and programmes focus on reducing our carbon footprint, minimising our consumption of resources, and preventing adverse impacts on areas around our operations. Each work activity is analysed for environmental compliance and controls. We are fully committed to being an environmentally conscious operator.

Environmental Stewardship

In an effort to minimise our environmental impact, we are have initiatives in place to reduce water consumption by reclaiming and reusing waste water. To give just a few examples: we have strategically replaced certain roof and wall panels to allow for natural lighting in warehouses, thus reducing our energy needs, and have started replacing old incandescent with LED bulbs, and are constantly improving waste-management and recycling efforts at all locations.

Environmentally Conscious Operations

In accordance with the Euroports Mission Statement, we strive to ensure that throughout our operations, our activities have a minimal impact on the environment and the surrounding communities. Where we handle bulk (or dust-producing) commodities, we have implemented dust-control technologies to capture and/or suppress the dust generated.  We have systematic means of collecting storm and waste water for reuse or proper disposal.  We have launched equipment idle-time reduction programmes, and implemented technology to prevent excessive idle time, thereby reducing carbon emissions.

Looking Ahead

Euroports is committed to continually improving our efforts to reduce our environmental impact while ensuring a safe and healthy workplace.  We will continue to look for ways to achieve this, including this through the use of wind and solar energy, through partnership with our key equipment providers to ensure the best available technologies are installed on equipment we order, by improving our performance, by setting targets and measuring outcomes, and by looking for opportunities outside of our operations but within the communities in which we operate, so we can strive to make positive environmental impact.

We conduct our activities under the strictest environmental standards, continuously improving our management systems as well as our performance. We believe in a sustainable way of doing business, and environmental issues are at the core of our strategy: water consumption, waste generation, energy consumption and GHG emissions are our top priority issues right now. Without losing focus on creating economic value, we challenge ourselves to continue growing while respecting the environment – this is the premise we renew every day.

– Dafne Jose, QE Manager, Euroports Group

Our Employees
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