Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a key part of the Euroports Mission Statement, we are committed to ensuing a safe and healthy workplace while minimizing our impact on the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Environmental Stewardship

In an effort to minimize our environmental impact, we are have initiatives in place to reduce water consumption by reclaim and reuse waste water.  We have strategicially replaced certain roof and wall panels to allow for natural lighting in warehouses, reducing energy consumption needs.  Further to this, we have commenced the process of replacing normal lighting with LED bulbs.  Across all our locations, waste management and recycling efforts take place.

Environmentally Conscious Operations

Through our operations, we strive to ensure our activities have minimal impact to the environment and the surrounding communities.  Where we handle bulk (or dust producing) commodities, have implemented dust control technologies to capture and/or supress the dust generated.  We have systematic means of collecting storm and waste water for reuse or proper disposal.  We have launched equipment idle-time reduction programs and implemented technology to prevent excessive idle time – thereby reducing carbon emissions.  Finally, we have again looked to LED lighting within the operations to not only reduce energy consumption but to improve safety throughout our operations.

Looking Ahead

Euroports is committed to continuously improving our efforts towards reducing our environmental impact while growing a safe and healthy workplace.  We will continue to look for ways of acheiving this including the utilization of wind and solar energy, partnering with our key equipment providers to ensure the best available technologies are installed on equipment we order, improving our performance via measuring and target setting, and looking for opportunities outside of our operations but within the communities in which we operate to have a positive environmental impact.