Currently, Liquids are only handled at our Rostock facilities as part of a joint venture of Euroports and TOTAL Deutschland GmbH.

For handling we have a tank farm with a total capacity of 700,000 cubic metres at our disposal.  At the oil port there are six berths for ships up to 100,000 tdw available to handle, to store, to treat with additives if necessary and to transport by tank truck, tank wagon and pipeline.

For transportation by tank truck  a modern filling platform with six loading platforms is present on site. Five loading and unloading rails are available for loading the tank wagons.

Liquid products handled are: naphtha, crude oil, heavy fuel oil,  diesel, heating oil, petrol E10, rapeseed oil, biodiesel, bioethanol, methanol, petrol E5, premium petrol, xylol-toluol and pyrolytic petrol.

Modern facilities like vapour recovery units and fully automated a dispatch system comply with high safety and environmental standards and assure safe storage and speedy handling of the products.