At Euroports, we have all the expertise in house to handle food grade sugar.  Handling and distribution services are all done according to HACCP principles. 

Dedicated storage facilities and handling equipment and experienced staff ensure the product is stored and delivered to the highest quality standards.

At terminal 518 we also have an accredited laboratory for the quality control of sugar. For more information about the analysis of raw and refined suger, please visit:

Our facilities have bagging installations allowing packaging and offer rail, road and waterway access.  Our customer service team arranges transport, freight forwarding for perfect distribution and with your traceability needs in mind.  Sugar logistics is our business. 

Sugar is currently handled at our Antwerp facility and at our joint-venture company in Le Havre: Sucre Océane.  In addition, there are facilities for sugar handling, bagging and vessel loading and dischacharging in Rostock as well.