Fossil fuels

Euroports handles annually some 9 Mtons of fossil fuels, mainly coal and petcoke, across its terminals in Europe. Euroports accounts major international electric utilities and  amongst its main customers, acting as reception and storage centre due to its unique strategic locations in Rostock, Pietarsaari, Vado Ligure, Venice and Tarragona.

Closeness from supply points (both ports or mines) to the power stations is a relevant competitive factor. Euroports terminals are located in strategic locations playing a key role in the supply chain for some major coal-fired power and electricity stations located in Germany, Finland, Italy and Spain.

Terminals offer good rail and highway connections. Coal is delivered to customers by conveyor belt, truck, train or reloaded into vessel for transhipment.

Business are mainly import oriented, but in Tarragona, transhipment also represents an important part of the business due to the up to 20.5 meters draft making it the deepest terminal in the Mediterranean with circa 500,000 tonnes of instant storage capacity.