Almost anything can be shipped in a container. At our terminals container loading, discharging, stuffing and stripping is therefore an important part of our business.  In addition to handling services, Euroports also arranges container transports and freight forwarding.

Both at our dedicated container facilities as well as at our other commodity terminals, we offer dedicated container services.  The main advantage is the hinterland transport from/to main seaports can be done in the optimal way: through the canals via barge or via truck.  Our own barge and trucking services ensure transport capacity and our experienced staff engineer the best logistics solution to meet your distribution requirements.  Even for just-in-time delivery. 

In the Belgium-France inland container terminal network, our barges sail with a daily frequency from/to all main sea ports: Zeebrugge, Antwerp and Rotterdam. 

Dedicated container terminals are located in Antwerp and Munich.  Containers are also handled at our other terminals mainly in combination with other commodity traffics e.g. in Rouen, Finland,...